Home Performance Contracting

Improving your home’s performance means you will experience a higher level of comfort and healthier indoor air, while paying less for it through improved efficiency. Our whole-house approach to home contracting treats your home as one interconnected system. We identify weaknesses and correct them in a way that benefits your home as a whole. This means we won’t just cover up problems; we’ll find their source and correct whatever weakness caused the issue in the first place. Home Performance is about more than the aesthetics of your home, it’s about improving your in-home experience.

Improve Your Home Comfort, Efficiency and Air Quality

Home Performance from Analytic EnergyHome Comfort - There’s more to home comfort than simply adjusting your thermostat. Home Performance Contracting helps to keep the climate within your home more consistent so when you do set your thermostat, you won’t need to adjust it. Through our energy audits, we identify problem areas that are decreasing comfort and provide solutions. If you have one room that is consistently too cold, we won’t just pump more heat into the room, we’ll evaluate your insulation, air sealing and home zoning before we prescribe a solution.

Home Efficiency - Many of the solutions we prescribe to improve your home comfort will also enhance your home’s efficiency. By regulating air flow in the home and making sure that air is not infiltrating or escaping through unwanted channels, less of a burden is put on your heating and cooling systems. You’ll start getting more out of each dollar you spend on energy.

Improved Indoor Air Quality - According to the EPA, indoor air pollutant levels are commonly 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollutant levels and are considered to be among the top five environmental risks to public health. By controlling airflow in your home, we can ensure that you are supplied with either filtered air or fresh outdoor air rather than air that has seeped in through dusty and dirty walls, attics and crawlspaces.

Home Performance Contracting is about fitting as much comfort, efficiency and health improving services in your budget as possible. We will provide a range of options from which you can choose solutions that fit your budget and your needs.

To learn more about our Home Performance Contracting services or to schedule a home assessment, contact us today!