Solar energy technology has progressed immensely over the last five years. While it may not have been viable for home energy generation on Long Island five or ten years ago, Solar certainly is today! If you want to supplement your energy costs and improve the value of your home, it is time to consider renewable solar power or solar hot water heating.

What to Expect with Solar Installation from Analytic Energy

At Analytic Energy, we wholly support renewable energy generation, however there are a few things we recommend taking into account before installing solar. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your solar array, we recommend that you first have a home energy assessment or audit. Through an audit, we can determine how your home utilizes energy. If it uses energy efficiently, we definitely recommend installing solar panels. If there is room for improvement, we recommend fixing issues with air sealing, insulation and any other energy hogs before installing solar arrays. This will give you a much higher return on investment for your solar installation as the energy generated will go further in increasing your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Solar Power on Long Island

Many homeowners are concerned that Long Island is not sunny enough for solar power to truly be effective. However, through advances in solar panels and batteries for home energy storage, solar panels have become far more effective on overcast days that lack direct sunlight. With these new advances, solar power can offset your energy bills year round and pay for itself much faster than you’d expect.

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