Courteous and Considerate

Stephen Y., St. James, NY

We wanted to take advantage of the free PSEG energy audit and contacted several contractors. We were impressed with Adam of Analytic Energy for a variety of reasons. First, he was very pleasant. Secondly, he told us not only what we needed, but, what we did not need. Everything he told us confirmed what I had extensively researched regarding the issues and problems of attic insulation. 

Since Analytic Energy completed its work, our utility bills have decreased by about 20%. Our oil use in the winter and electric use (A/C) in the summer have been significantly reduced. Our house is also now tighter. We no longer have a draft in the house in the winter even though we keep the temperature low. In the summer, the ceiling is not hot from attic heat, so our ceiling fan no longer blows hot air down on us. There is a far more uniform temperature in the living space since the attic was insulated.

Adam and his staff were competent, clean, courteous, and considerate. All the work was done to his specifications and you never knew they were here at the end of the day and end of the job. Adam also submitted all the paper work for the rebates and followed up with us to make sure all was satisfactory. My wife and I are very pleased with the final job and enthusiastically recommend Analytic Energy to others.