Diligent and Conscientious

Will S., Fort Salonga, NY

I initially wanted a home energy assessment to save money on my heating bills, but after speaking with Adam, I learned that the assessment would do more than look for gaps in insulation. It would also help me understand how my home could be more comfortable and efficient overall. This was important to me because some of our rooms were very cold during the winter and we were spending a tremendous amount of money on heating oil. Plus our electric bill was higher because we were using portable heaters on exceptionally cold nights.

In our case, we got a new oil burner and had insulation work done. So in addition to comfort and a lower heating bill, we've also gained significant efficiency and system reliability.

The Analytic staff is excellent. They are thorough, precise, and very respectful toward the home, always keeping things clean and providing clear timelines for work. Adam was tireless in his effort to deliver a perfect solution for our home. Toward the end of the project, he wasn't satisfied with the performance of the exhaust system from our new oil burner. He returned many times to check the system, take measurements, and recalibrate it. The system was performing within acceptable limits according to NYSERDA, but he was not willing to move forward until everything was precisely tuned. I'm sure this ate into his work schedule--he could have moved on to another project. This is the kind of person you want looking out for you and your family.