Air Sealing

Air sealing offers the highest return on investment of any of our services or, in other words, the most bang for your buck! This is especially true if your home is leakier than average. For an average home, air sealing can reduce energy costs by as much as 10% to 20%. Savings can be even higher for poorly sealed homes. While it only takes a caulking gun or some spray foam insulation to seal up leaks, it takes an experienced contractor to both find the leaks and seal them properly.

Air Sealing from Analytic EnergyAir Sealing Done Right

You might be wondering how there is a wrong way to seal air leaks. Concern about air sealing improperly does not stem from the possibility that the leaks will not be sealed, but rather the opposite. Many old homes use air leaks as a form of ventilation, off gassing chemicals and appliance exhaust through them. If all the leaks are sealed without taking into account the ventilation issues it might cause, an unhealthy or even dangerous air quality environment can be created. Through our whole-house approach to home contracting, we not only identify air leaks, but evaluate how sealing those leaks will influence other systems within your home. One set of systems they typically influence positively are your heating and cooling systems.

Improved Efficiency for Your Heating and Cooling Systems

If done right, a heating or cooling system is sized to fit your home and do so while running at an optimum level of efficiency. If your home is full of leaks, your heating and cooling equipment will constantly be working harder than it needs to. This will cause energy costs to grow and also put your systems at risk for breakdowns. So you’ll be paying more in operating costs and more to fix the equipment. While there are many ways to improve your heating and cooling system's performance, air sealing is a relatively inexpensive way to make a big difference!

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