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Oil to Gas Conversions

If you are thinking about updating your heating system in the near future, you should consider converting from traditional heating oil to natural gas. Even if you weren’t planning an upgrade, you should consider making the switch. We work with National Grid to provide incentives for switching to natural gas and to ensure you get top quality products and services.

Why Switch to Natural Gas

Natural gas has many advantages over traditional heating oil, which include:

  • Efficiency: New natural gas heating systems tend to be much more efficient than traditional heating oil systems. That means that you’ll be saving money each month on utility costs.

  • Saving Money: In addition to saving money through higher efficiency, you’ll also be saving on the price of natural gas as it tends to be cheaper than heating oil. Although it may be more expensive upfront to change to natural gas, there are available incentives and rebates through NYSERDA and National Grid and the conversion will more than pay for itself in the long run.

  • Increasing your Home’s Value: Not many things can increase the value of your home without raising its property taxes, but converting to clean and efficient natural gas can!

  • Improved Convenience and Reliability: Natural gas is piped directly into your home and is always there when you need it. You won’t have to worry about running out of oil in the middle of the winter or calling the heating company for an oil delivery. Just like electricity, you pay for what you use and it is always available. With no oil tank, you reduce the hazards associated with oil storage.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Other than renewable resources, natural gas is the cleanest burning and most environmentally friendly fuel available. Switching to natural gas is equivalent to taking six cars off the road for a year. It is clean burning and doesn’t produce byproducts like exhaust or soot, so your home and community’s air will be cleaner and healthier.

Thousands of Long Islanders have made the switch over to clean burning, natural gas, and thousands more are close behind. If you’d like to learn more about natural gas conversions and the associated incentives/rebates, talk to a neighbor that has made the switch or contact us today!

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Stephen Y., St. James, NY 
We wanted to take advantage of the free PSEG energy audit and contacted several contractors. We were impressed with Adam of Analytic Energy for a variety of reasons. First, he was very pleasant. Secondly, he told us not only what we needed, but, what we did not need. Everything he told us confirmed what I had extensively researched regarding the issues and problems of attic insulation.  Since Analytic Energy completed its work, our utility bills have decreased by about 20%. Our oil use in the winter and electric use (A/C) in the summer have been significantly reduced. Our house is also now tighter. We no longer have a… (read more)

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