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Heating and Air Conditioning

When it comes to keeping your house warm and comfortable during a harsh Long Island winter, Analytic Energy is the place to turn. We don’t just recommend and install equipment to heat your home, we look at weaknesses that prevent it from staying warm and help you fix those problems as well. Our whole house approach to home improvement is what sets us apart from other contractors. We aim to find the most cost effective solutions for your home comfort and efficiency needs.

Benefits of Heating Installations from Analytic Energy

When we install heating equipment, we aren’t simply looking to make your home warm. We want to make it more comfortable and more efficient. Optimum home comfort means being able to set your thermostat and have the temperature consistently stay at the desired level throughout your home. That’s why we assess and evaluate all of your home’s systems before installing a new furnace or boiler. We need to determine where weaknesses exist and what equipment is best suited to fix any issues. Although a high efficiency furnace and some air sealing and insulation work may cost more up front, it will vastly improve your comfort and save you money in the long run on utility bills. Proper sizing and installation of heating equipment ensures that it runs as efficiently as possible, which will also extend its life and reduce the risk of breakdowns or repairs.

Heating and Boiler Services from Experienced Installers

At Analytic Energy, we take a thoughtful, targeted and experienced approach to all your heating service and installation needs. From oil to natural gas, boilers to furnaces, we have the experience and training to bring you more comfort for less money. We will never try to sell you something that you don’t need and will only complete the work that you want us to complete. Our goal is to fit as much in your budget as possible. If we think it would be more beneficial to upgrade your insulation than to install a brand new heating system, we will tell you and discuss your options.

Air Conditioning Installation and Services from Analytic Energy

Much like our heating installations and services, we fit air conditioning systems based on your home’s specific needs. For us, it’s all about improving your home’s comfort and efficiency, not about selling expensive systems. We approach each hot room or home as a unique challenge requiring a unique solution. If it’s a new system you need, we have years of experience with custom installs and will get the system installed right the first time or keep coming back until it suits your needs. If you need something smaller, like duct sealing, air sealing or enhanced insulation, we’ll diagnose the issue and find a cost effective solution.


Efficient Hot Water Heating

The world of hot water heating is far more multidimensional than it used to be. Now, there are many ways to offset your water heating costs and help your home’s system function far more efficiently.

One way is to install a high efficiency combined furnace and hot water heater system with energy recovery mechanisms. These help reduce the loss in efficiency associated with a system clicking on and off. When the system clicks off, the heat generated in the furnace is pumped into the top of the hot water heater or into your home. In doing so, the system is able to shut off at a much lower temperature, without wasting the heat that has already been created.

Another efficient water heating method is solar thermal or solar hot water. These systems use the power of the sun to heat water on your roof. The water is then pumped into your holding tank and helps raise the starting temperature of the water. There are multiple ways this can be done. We’d be happy to discuss them with you!

Water heaters themselves have also gotten much more efficient in recent years. If you have concerns about your water heating, we’d be happy to evaluate your system and its efficiency!

Year Round Comfort with Minisplits

Minisplits go by many names--ductless heat pumps, minisplit heat pumps, ductless minisplit heat pumps. Regardless of what the chosen name is, they are the perfect solution for any room that you can’t find a way keep comfortable. In addition to providing optimal zone specific comfort, they do so more efficiently than any other heating system on the market. What’s more, they can heat and cool, providing comfort to an area in your home year round! Contact us to learn more about how heat pumps can save you money and improve your home’s comfort.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can live more comfortably and pay less for that comfort, contact us today about our heating services!

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Stephen Y., St. James, NY 
We wanted to take advantage of the free PSEG energy audit and contacted several contractors. We were impressed with Adam of Analytic Energy for a variety of reasons. First, he was very pleasant. Secondly, he told us not only what we needed, but, what we did not need. Everything he told us confirmed what I had extensively researched regarding the issues and problems of attic insulation.  Since Analytic Energy completed its work, our utility bills have decreased by about 20%. Our oil use in the winter and electric use (A/C) in the summer have been significantly reduced. Our house is also now tighter. We no longer have a… (read more)

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