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Charles L., Northport, NY

When we moved into our new house a year and a half ago, we noted that the living room felt cold. Moving from a home with forced air gas heat to a house with oil hot water heat, our heating bills were much higher. So we hired Analytic Energy to do an energy audit paid by NYSERDA. Adam came and evaluated our 40+ home and found many air leaks and very spotty insulation. So we decided to take his recommendations and have him and his crew seal and insulate our home. They did a thorough and efficient job, sealing many air leaks and beefed up our inadequate insulation with blown-in cellulose. They also re-tested the home and the air leakage was greatly reduced. Good job.

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Will S., Fort Salonga, NY

I initially wanted a home energy assessment to save money on my heating bills, but after speaking with Adam, I learned that the assessment would do more than look for gaps in insulation. It would also help me understand how my home could be more comfortable and efficient overall. This was important to me because some of our rooms were very cold during the winter and we were spending a tremendous amount of money on heating oil. Plus our electric bill was higher because we were using portable heaters on exceptionally cold nights.


In our case, we got a new oil burner and had insulation work done. So in addition to comfort and a lower heating bill, we've also gained significant efficiency and system reliability.


The Analytic staff is excellent. They are thorough, precise, and very respectful toward the home, always keeping things clean and providing clear timelines for work. Adam was tireless in his effort to deliver a perfect solution for our home. Toward the end of the project, he wasn't satisfied with the performance of the exhaust system from our new oil burner. He returned many times to check the system, take measurements, and recalibrate it. The system was performing within acceptable limits according to NYSERDA, but he was not willing to move forward until everything was precisely tuned. I'm sure this ate into his work schedule--he could have moved on to another project. This is the kind of person you want looking out for you and your family.

Jennifer H., Northport, NY 
Analytic Energy's skilled crew was fantastic, very trustworthy, reliable, and super friendly. The work they performed has made a tremendous difference in the heating of my home. It is so well insulated that all of my thermostats are now programmed 5 degrees lower than before work was done. I highly recommend Analytic Energy.

Phyllis H., Commack, NY 
I highly recommend Analytic Energy. Adam and his crew did an excellent job reinsulating my house. Adam was also very accommodating. I found the thermostats they installed too complicated and confusing and they exchanged them for a simpler model to ensure I was satisfied and could use them properly at no extra charge. The crew was very careful while working in my home. Nothing was damaged and the clean up was excellent.

Peggy F., East Northport, NY

I was interested in getting an energy audit for our 45 year home primarily because we were still cold despite spending a king's ransom on heating oil.  We brought in three different contractors.  Two of them used a formulaic approach, proposing essentially canned solutions without ever asking what it was we wished to accomplish.  Analytic Energy was different from the very start: the first question Adam asked was what we thought was wrong and from there, he formulated his solution.  His thoroughness in questioning us and in his audit methodology convinced us that he was the right contractor.  His team's work proved that we had indeed made the right choice because they delivered the pinpointed solution, eliminating through painstaking investigation and appropriate re-engineering, a terrible draft that had been caused by poor workmanship.  The other targeted fixes they deployed also worked wonderfully in helping us retain heat.  In addition to staying warm, we have the happy byproduct of reduced electric and heating oil bills.  Adam and his crew are consummate professionals and wonderful to work with.  We recommend Analytic Energy without reservation. 

Stephen Y., St. James, NY​

We wanted to take advantage of the free PSEG energy audit and contacted several contractors. We were impressed with Adam of Analytic Energy for a variety of reasons. First, he was very pleasant. Secondly, he told us not only what we needed, but, what we did not need. Everything he told us confirmed what I had extensively researched regarding the issues and problems of attic insulation. 


Since Analytic Energy completed its work, our utility bills have decreased by about 20%. Our oil use in the winter and electric use (A/C) in the summer have been significantly reduced. Our house is also now tighter. We no longer have a draft in the house in the winter even though we keep the temperature low. In the summer, the ceiling is not hot from attic heat, so our ceiling fan no longer blows hot air down on us. There is a far more uniform temperature in the living space since the attic was insulated.

Adam and his staff were competent, clean, courteous, and considerate. All the work was done to his specifications and you never knew they were here at the end of the day and end of the job. Adam also submitted all the paper work for the rebates and followed up with us to make sure all was satisfactory. My wife and I are very pleased with the final job and enthusiastically recommend Analytic Energy to others.

Matthew C., Dix Hills, NY

We had heard about a program where we could get a free energy audit through New York State.  At first we chose Analytic for the audit only because they were local to us, but then we chose them to do the needed work as they were very meticulous in the audit and took the time to explain issues that existed in our house.

We have clearly tightened up our house for efficiency in the winter with all the recommended fixes from Analytic.  They were sincere and honest with us regarding which issues to address that would have the greatest impact for savings with our budget.

The draft and insulation issues we had upstairs have been completely fixed.  Our main floor had some poor workmanship done when constructed a long time ago and Analytic was able to find efficient ways to fix those issues while keeping a budget in mind.


The Analytic team was polite, diligent and cared for my home like it was theirs.  Adam was honest and open with us and that is important when working with any contractor.  We enjoyed working with Analytic so much that we chose them to install our solar energy system as well.

Leslie L., Commack, NY

I chose Analytic Energy to carry out an energy audit of my home last winter from a list of contractors suggested by NYSERDA. The heating in my house was very uneven; bedrooms were ice cold and the hallways overheated. The audit report was thorough and identified the most important problem areas. It also revealed significant carbon monoxide leakage from the gas oven in the kitchen and the need to "vent" the boiler room thus making the in-house environment healthier and safer.


The proprietor of Analytic was professional, knowledgeable and came across as a person of honesty and integrity. All of his recommendations were fully explained and backed up whenever possible with concrete evidence to support the recommended course of action.


The impact of the insulation of the attic was felt immediately. The insulation of the walls of the office and the master bedroom, the replacement of high hats with sealed LED units and the relocation of the thermostat made the upper floor livable. The temperature variation from room to room on the upper floor was nowhere as extreme as it was before the work. Now that summer is here my office which is immediately below the attic, is no longer a site of excessive heat.

It was a pleasure to work with Analytic Energy.

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