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Once your home has been properly sealed, it’s time to evaluate your insulation. While most Long Islanders assume that insulation is reserved for the winter months and keeping heat in, it can also be used in the summer to keep heat out! Insulation is often treated as a set it and forget it type service, but if yours is old and outdated, it could be costing you money and comfort.

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Old, pink or white batt insulation, although useful in the right situation, tends to deteriorate over time or become compromised by moisture. We use two types of insulation that are popular throughout the home performance industry due to their resistance to moisture, decay and high insulating properties (R-Value). They are:

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam comes in two forms, closed-cell and open-cell. Each has different strengths and can be used in different areas of the home. They typically outperform traditional fiberglass insulation due to their moisture

resistance and adhesive, air sealing abilities. Closed-cell is used in smaller applications where air sealing is required and moisture is present, as it repels moisture. It is very adhesive and expands to fill gaps and stop air flow. Open-cell spray foam is cheaper and expands to fill much larger spaces. It is moisture resistant rather than repellent and resists heat exchange but does not necessarily stop air flow like closed-cell insulation does. However, it is a strong insulator that can cover large spaces.

Cellulose Insulation

This inexpensive and environmentally friendly option is made from recycled paper that has been returned to a fibrous state and treated with natural fire retardants. It has two primary applications which both outperform most forms of insulation. The first and most common application is as an attic floor insulator. It is very important to insulate attic floors as the attic is typically not a lived in space. Cellulose insulation can be blown in and spread across the floor to create a robust thermal barrier between your conditioned and unconditioned spaces. The second application is dense pack cellulose insulation for walls and other enclosed cavities such as floor overhangs. The insulation is blown in under pressure and fills any existing voids, greatly reducing unwanted air movement.

Consistent Comfort with Insulation Upgrades

Properly insulating your home will have you experiencing higher levels of comfort and more consistent in-home temperatures for a fraction of the cost you were previously paying. Insulation upgrades from Analytic Energy will help keep your expensive, conditioned air in and unwanted, outdoor air outside.

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Matthew C., Dix Hills, NY 
We had heard about a program where we could get a free energy audit through New York State.  At first we chose Analytic for the audit only because they were local to us, but then we chose them to do the needed work as they were very meticulous in the audit and took the time to explain issues that existed in our house. We have clearly tightened up our house for efficiency in the winter with all the recommended fixes from Analytic.  They were sincere and honest with us regarding which issues to address that would have the greatest impact for savings with our budget. The draft… (read more)

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