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Analytic Energy LLC offers a wide array of energy and money saving services to homeowners. With a focus on cost effective improvements, we highlight and prioritize available energy saving opportunities. We will only recommend those services which offer significant potential for return on investment. We always make an effort to suggest a variety of solutions that will fit your budget and improve the overall comfort, efficiency and health of your Long Island home.

Home Energy Audit

Analytic Energy's comprehensive Home Energy Audit is the starting point for all the products and services we offer. We believe that a comprehensive "whole house" approach to energy consumption is essential. Following are some of the major components of the assessment:

  • Assessment of customers concerns (e.g. cold or drafty rooms, high heating/cooling costs, etc)

  • Blower Door Test (Home Leakiness test)

  • Analysis of past energy usage (e.g. analysis of past utility bills if available)

  • Assessment of thermal and air barrier alignment

  • Combustion Appliance Zone Testing

  • Infrared Imaging (if requested)

Blower Door

A key part of the Home Energy Audit, is a "tightness" check of the home. This is accomplished with the use of a blower door and digital manometer. By performing carefully managed pressurization tests, we can quantify the tightness or leakiness of your home. If a house is too leaky, expensive conditioned air is escaping to the outside. This air is often replaced with air which passes through dirty and contaminated hidden passageways. By using a blower door, we can determine just how leaky your home really is and where those leaks occur.

Air Sealing

Many homes suffer from inadequate air sealing. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that as much as 40% of heating and cooling costs are lost through air leaks in the home. In addition, unwanted openings in your home can contribute to problems with noise, moisture, pollutants and insects. Based on our comprehensive Home Energy Assessment and diagnostic methodology, we are able to pinpoint the sources of air leaks and design a program to reduce unwanted infiltration points.


Most homes in our region are simply under insulated. Built in an era of inexpensive fuel and little awareness of efficient building practices, these homes can greatly benefit from enhancing their thermal blanket. Analytic Energy LLC can find these insulation opportunities using our diagnostic tools and offer cost effective solutions which will enhance the comfort of your home while reducing your energy bills.

Infrared/Thermal Imaging

Infrared Imaging is a valuable tool used to identify energy wasting components of your home. This visualization tool allows us to thoroughly examine the entire house and locate sources of air infiltration and missing or inadequate insulation. Problems with unwanted air infiltration often occur through hard to find cracks and gaps in your home. Problems with insulation are often invisible to the naked eye. Infrared images can quickly reveal these hidden trouble spots and help us plan for the proper remedy.

Combustion Safety Test

As part of the "whole house" approach, it is critically important for the safety of your home to check all combustion appliances before performing any weatherization work. This check includes a check for carbon monoxide and combustible gas leaks around combustion appliances such as boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters. If anything appears faulty, a licensed heating contractor should be contacted.

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Stephen Y., St. James, NY 
We wanted to take advantage of the free PSEG energy audit and contacted several contractors. We were impressed with Adam of Analytic Energy for a variety of reasons. First, he was very pleasant. Secondly, he told us not only what we needed, but, what we did not need. Everything he told us confirmed what I had extensively researched regarding the issues and problems of attic insulation.  Since Analytic Energy completed its work, our utility bills have decreased by about 20%. Our oil use in the winter and electric use (A/C) in the summer have been significantly reduced. Our house is also now tighter. We no longer have a… (read more)

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