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Home Energy Audits

To make our whole house approach to home performance effective, we evaluate the entire home, all of its systems and how they interact with one another. Once we have a full picture of your specific home and all of the different elements that help it function, we can properly assess what needs to change. If you want to replace a window because it is old and the room is drafty, we might replace the window, but first we analyze the situation to ensure that the window is the root of your problem. If all you need is a quick air sealing upgrade around the window, we will make that improvement rather than recommend an expensive window replacement.

Helping your home perform

At Analytic Energy, our priority is making your home perform at the highest level possible to provide you with optimal comfort for less money. We look at the following items to evaluate your home’s current and past performance and provide targeted solutions:

  • We start by assessing your specific concerns and the problems that typically produce similar complaints.

  • We then assess your entire home’s leakiness. A common cause for discomfort is a leaky building envelope (the barrier between your living spaces and the outdoors). We use Blower Door tests to pressurize your home, identify how much air is escaping per hour and pinpoint the location of leaks.

  • If you have past bills or energy usage reports available, it is helpful for us to review that information and see where you could be using energy more efficiently.

  • We assess your thermal and air barrier alignment. Essentially, we check to see if your thermal barriers (insulation) and air barriers (air sealing measures) are working together as a unit to provide optimal comfort and efficiency.

  • We conduct Combustion Appliance Zone Testing to ensure that your appliances are both safe and efficient.

  • If requested, we can also perform Infrared Diagnostic Testing on your home’s building envelope to assess the effectiveness of your insulation profile.

Long Island Home Comfort

Through our assessment of your home’s various components and systems, we produce a unique report which details a range of improvements that target your home’s specific needs. Each suggested improvement is carefully chosen with the goal of providing the largest possible return on comfort and efficiency for your investment. We point out quick DIY jobs with substanial benefits and more in-depth retrofits that are best left to us. We won’t pressure you to undergo any work you don’t want and won’t suggest anything you don’t need. By searching for cost effective solutions, we will fit as much home performance enhancing work into your budget as we can!

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Peggy F., East Northport, NY 
I was interested in getting an energy audit for our 45 year home primarily because we were still cold despite spending a king's ransom on heating oil.  We brought in three different contractors.  Two of them used a formulaic approach, proposing essentially canned solutions without ever asking what it was we wished to accomplish.  Analytic Energy was different from the very start: the first question Adam asked was what we thought was wrong and from there, he formulated his solution.  His thoroughness in questioning us and in his audit methodology convinced us that he was the right contractor.  His team's work proved that we had indeed made the right… (read more)

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