Thorough and Targeted Solutions

Peggy F., East Northport, NY

I was interested in getting an energy audit for our 45 year home primarily because we were still cold despite spending a king's ransom on heating oil.  We brought in three different contractors.  Two of them used a formulaic approach, proposing essentially canned solutions without ever asking what it was we wished to accomplish.  Analytic Energy was different from the very start: the first question Adam asked was what we thought was wrong and from there, he formulated his solution.  His thoroughness in questioning us and in his audit methodology convinced us that he was the right contractor.  His team's work proved that we had indeed made the right choice because they delivered the pinpointed solution, eliminating through painstaking investigation and appropriate re-engineering, a terrible draft that had been caused by poor workmanship.  The other targeted fixes they deployed also worked wonderfully in helping us retain heat.  In addition to staying warm, we have the happy byproduct of reduced electric and heating oil bills.  Adam and his crew are consummate professionals and wonderful to work with.  We recommend Analytic Energy without reservation.